Cambodia covers an area of 181,035 km2 and features 435 km of coastline and a border length of 2,438 km. Its neighbouring countries are Thailand in the West, Lao PDR in the North and Vietnam in the East. Cambodia is a multiparty democracy under a constitutional monarchy and has a population of 13.8 million of which 84 percent live in rural areas. It is one of the poorest countries of South-East Asia with 40 percent of the population below poverty line. According to a recent estimate the GDP per capita is about US$ 2,200. Agriculture makes a contribution of about 35% to the national GDP and about 75% of the total population derives their livelihood from this sector.

Tech Message

Dear all friends,

First of all, I would like to make myself-introduction: My name Chey Tech, Cambodian national, 30 years old and currently I am working for an international NGO in Phnom Penh capital of Cambodia.
I am very please greeting you all to visit my homepage. Here, you can find out of many useful knowledge and experiences related to agriculture techniques and rural development, participatory monitoring and evaluation appraochs, self-development, buddhist education, job announcement, training and scholarship opportunity, my personal information and so on. I am very open to share and receive feedback from you. Please contact me directly through my e-mail address:
Chey Tech

My Family

I was born in December 12, 1977 in Bourn Chour village, Chor Rok commune, Banan district in Battambang province, Cambodia. I have 4 brothers and one sister, most of them are married, except my youngest brother and he will be finished high school in next year. My father was passed away in August 17, 2005 with his 58 years old caused by cancer. My sister went to live in Franch with her husband in 2006. Now all my brothers, mother and coursins are living in Battambang province.

My work history

CEDAC, 2002 to 2004
1. Researcher
Carry out research in the agriculture and rural development program on various issues associated with agriculture and rural livelihoods, including technical, economical and social analysis of community based-agriculture and organization and agricultural sector analysis. This work will include contributing to the design of research projects, identifying and reviewing relevant literature, contributing to the design and preparation of surveys, conducting research projects, analyzing data, and writing reports and also liaise with government officials, agency and NGO staff, and other researchers.
2. NEDC Network Coordinator
NEDC (Network of Eco-agriculture Development in Cambodia) There are about 32 non governmental organizations are members and they are working on ecological agriculture and rural development in Cambodia. The main responsible of NEDC Coordinator is to ensure that there is a wider network, partnership and build capacity of student, government official and NGO workers in ecological agriculture and participatory rural development.
CEDAC/MAFF, 2005 to 2006
SRI National Permanent Secretariat
System of Rice Intensificaiton (SRI) National Permanent Secretariat are to coordinate, disseminate, document and facilitate information and knowledge management with regard to SRI, as well as promote networking among stakeholders (implementing agencies, policy and donor institutions, etc). This includes organisation of SRI National working Group meetings, SRI Inter-provincial workshops, field visits and two annual national workshop; support to Ministry of Agricultrue, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) for data collection on SRI-related topics and also produce SRI annual country report in Khmer and English version; production of promotional/educational material/SRI guide book for print and broadcast media; and a number of other activities.
ADRA-CAMBODIA, October 2006 to October 2007
National Coordinator for Monitoring and Evaluation Department
National Coordinator for Monitoring and Evaluation's role is a supportive position and carries the significant responsibility to be a technical support resource for all projects and their Project Managers, Assistant Project Managers and Provincial Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinators, and ADRA Cambodia as a whole. Developing the cross cutting Monitoring and Evaluation for learning framework and perform other duties as required by country director and associate director of ADRA-Cambodia.
WINROCK International NGO, October 2007 to Present
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
The Children’s Empowerment through Education Services-CHES Project was funded by US Department of Labor (USDOL) and implementing by Winrock international with two local Cambodian partners, they are Wathnakpheap (WP) and Healthcare Center for Children (HCC) and in collaboration with International Labour Organization (ILO-IPEC). Main responsibles of monitoirng and evaluation specialist are to design and implement a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system including baseline, assessment and student monitoring and tracking. design data collection instruments, schedules, analysis methods and applied technologies. establish and train community monitoring committees and government officials as data collectors. liaise with external monitoring and evaluation teams for mid-term and final evaluations.

Asia Pacific Youth Camp

Asia Pacific Youth Camp
Seoul, South Korea

Rice Advisory Group Meeting

Rice Advisory Group Meeting
Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

Asian Workshop on TRIPS

Asian Workshop on TRIPS
Victoria Park, Hong Kong

NEDC Network's Exposure Trip

NEDC Network's Exposure Trip
Can Tho University, Can Tho City, Viet Nam

Training of Facilitators Course on Participatory Innovation Development (PID)

Training of Facilitators Course on Participatory Innovation Development (PID)
Forest Cottage Hotel, Kampala, Uganda, Africa

Training on International Advocay

Training on International Advocay
Oceanic Bay Hotel, Bagamoyo district, Tanzania, Africa

Training course on Monitoring and Evaluation

Training course on Monitoring and Evaluation
Imperial Queenpark hotel in Bangkok, Thailand

Lunch Party, my friends VT12

Lunch Party, my friends VT12
Prek Leap, Phnom Penh

My Friends

1. Mrs. Mao Sotheary,
2. Mr. Chea Kim Heng,
3. Mr. Sann Vathana,
4. Mr. Sok By Vanna,
5. Mr. Nourn Bora,
6. Mr. Chorn Bunly,
7. Mr. Sin Dara,
8. Mr. Bonnag Sidanith,
9. Mr. Chhup Thavith,
10.Mr. Kim San Sophorn,
11.Mr. Gnim Bunchhoeurn,
12.Mr. Thon Solida,
13.Mr. Mom Varin,
14.Mr. Chey Tech,
15.Mrs. Tith Makara
16.Mss. Khem Chea Chakrya,
17.Mss. In Sophea,
18.Mr. In Chan Mony,
19.Mr. Yourng Setha,
20.Mr. Taing Sin,
21.Mr. On Sopheak,
22.Mr. Sim Sith,
23.Mr. Khut Khun Chakrey,

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